Contemporary Illustration Contemporary illustration has come about in recent years as illustrators have devised ways that deviate away from the traditional methods and processes of illustration. See: other types of illustration. Us illustrators have started to used modern techniques, tools and materials to create our work.

Kłodzko As our work has been more in demand, this means we have had to decide plans to create our work in a much more efficient way. You can view our art prints using traditonal methods.

The styles that are created during these modern ideals always depend on the subject and product that is being created, meaning there is not one specific style created and we can meet many requirements with our new methods.

See Our Latest Piece Of Contemporary Illustration

Over time, things change. This can be anything from art work to our illustrations. As other products are in higher demand compared to our old products, we have decided to expand what we sell, hoping to please everybody.

Personalise Your Faux Leather

Our newest and most anticipated products are now printed on leather. This was something that required a lot of work to be put in it, but the end result is one of the best that J | L has completed.

You can shop our range of faux leather products here.

This faux leather were inspired by the massive trend up-rise that we have seen lately, as well as quite a few enquires wondering if we had any in stock.

The Difference In Our Products

But, whilst we didn’t want to follow the trend as such, our products have a twist.

You can add any photo of your choice to these products, meaning you are customising your required product to your standard. Find out about J | L.

These are made from the finest materials to mimic leather products, whilst being animal friendly. Guaranteed to last you a lifetime, they are products you can’t miss out on. Contact us for more products.



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