Successful Fashion & Beauty Businesses

An illustrator can work with a range of different companies that are all in different industries, some of our favourite illustration work has been for the fashion and beauty market. This means illustrators can be creative in the work they do as the field is constantly changing so they have to adjust to the latest trends. Discover illustration art.

Our favourite beauty/fashion businesses in London have been listed below and we hope to work with them in the near future.

Starting your own business in beauty

Natural Enhancement is a training provider for semi permanent makeup. Their courses are accredited and are taught by leading industry influencers so they can pass on the most advanced skills.

You too can join a fast, yet personal training course today. Many programmes also involve advice on how to start your own business. Click here.

Their creative technicians have innovative technical skills to work with the latest technology to produce results that their clients will love.

The tinder for shoes

Stylect is a fashion companies that aims to make the process of buying clothes and shoes much easier.  An app has been generated to help women find the perfect shoes for any occasion. Shop today.

The founders have combined several products together from a range of websites that the customer has set as their preference. Regular users are able to keep track of the products and buy the ones that catch their eye.

The app is full of fun features, for example, if they have previously rated a product as ‘love’ they will receive a notification from Stylect informing them that it has gone on sale. Download here.

Luxury nights away

Capital Spas offer luxury parties and treatments throughout the UK. As well as this, they offer their customer advice on beauty treatments such as what is involved and what is suitable for each person. Contact them here.

Each package spa deal is bespoke to their client and the needs of their customer. All of the locations selected have been handpicked due to their quality, professionalism and services. Alternatively, contact us.